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The art of Michael Lees

is raising money for the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.
We are independent of the Trust and are raising money for the Trust.
We are funding the print, the brochure, much of the marketing of the print and this web site.

The aim is to raise £9000 for the Trust

art for ponies

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about the site - or if you want to discuss any aspect of Michael's originals or print work

It is only if you contact me that I can find out about problems that you and others might have. I therefore value what you tell me. I will respond and act on problems personally, rather than leave it to automated systems or delegate to others but it will take a little longer to respond for that reason.


Telephone (answerphone): Please leave a message briefly outlining why you are calling and giving you name and telephone number. We will ring you back as soon as possible (provided you are in the EC) Telephone: 0870 50349909.


The art of Michael Lees, Station Farm Barn, Ellingham, NR35 2EW, United Kingdom

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